Friday, September 13, 2013

The Generosity of Knitters

First I have to say that the ladies in my knitting group are some of the most talented individuals I've ever met, and that's on top of being exceptionally thoughtful and generous!  Many of them have been in the group for several years and know each other very well which was reflected in some of the gifts.  I, on the other hand, have only been meeting with them for about 9 months so I really depended on the questionnaire that Amy filled out to help to know her likes and dislikes (unfortunately there was no mention of afterthought heals!).

The person who got my name was Juniper.  I'm told she is the only original member left in the group which is hard to believe because she can't be much older than 30.   I received 6 stacked boxes full of goodies.  The first contained 4 adorable little wine cork gnomes with knitted hats and sweaters...  I absolutely love them!!! The second, a bag of chocolate covered espresso beans (my favorite!) and then third held a gorgeous hand painted scarf from Indonesia...  amazingly stunning!  Boxes 4-6 each held a skein of beautiful, soft, turquoise bamboo yarn with which to make a Tunisian crocheted scarf.  I've been wanting to learn this technique for some time now so I'll put it at the top of the list for my first 'learning project.'  Oh, and there was also a beautiful hand stitched birthday card that a friend of Juniper's had made.  Yes, I was duly spoiled!!!

So then, it was time for Amy to open her gift and I was holding my breath.  Would she bust out laughing at my freakishly humongous socks?  Would she politely say they were nice and then shove them in the back of her sock drawer?  Would the rest of the girls struggle to hold back their snickers at my fiber fiasco?  Amazingly enough, she didn't think the socks were too big at all and she tried them on immediately and said they fit wonderfully.  So, either she was just trying to spare my feelings or my judgement of the socks was way off base.  Either way, I was tremendously relieved!  The socks themselves received lots of compliments as did the yarn (you can't go wrong with Three Irish Girls!).  

This weekend we (Pam & I) will finish up the Yarn Discovery Tour.  I already bought everything on my list at the first 8 shops so I need to get busy and make a new list!

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