Thursday, September 19, 2013

Full Speed Ahead Without a Map!

ENFP=Ne, Fi, Te, & Si

So I've made the decision to spend next year honing my knitting skills and learning new techniques.  But where do I start?  For those of you familiar with Myers Briggs personality scores, I'm an ENFP.  Which means I tend to plow full speed ahead without looking at the map.  I seldom (by seldom I mean never) read a pattern all the way through before I start knitting, which has led to more than a few hours of frogging and reknitting.  And swatching is pure torture.  I'm a big picture kind of person, let the details be damned.  The motto of an ENFP is 'If you're in control, you're going too slow!' 

When I say I want to learn new techniques I don't necessarily mean I want to LEARN them, I just want to know how to do them.  Learning means having to read a book or watch a video or take a class and pay attention and then apply that lesson to whatever it is I want to know how to do.  That takes way too much time!  I'm OK with reading patterns because they are in steps and I'm good at following step by step.  As I stated before, I don't read ahead so as long as the steps are in the correct order we're good to go. And pictures are even better.  If there's an illustration or photo of what I'm supposed to do that means I don't have to pay close attention to the directions!

Some of the techniques I want to learn / know how to do are:

Tunision Crochet - I already have some gorgeous bamboo yarn and a beautiful scarf pattern that were gifted to me.  Still need to get the hook but I think this one will be easy for me since I already know how to knit and crochet.  Or maybe it will be harder because I'll skip over things thinking I already know that part.  I did buy a book... it has nice pictures.

Entrelac -  I like the woven look of Entrelac, especially if it's done in self striping yarn.  I did take a class a couple of years ago and it didn't seem too hard... and I learned to knit backwards!  A skill that I can't necessarily work into my resume, but I was quite impressed with myself.

Fair Isle/Stranded Knitting - This one I can tell is going to be a huge challenge for me because of the attention to detail that must be required for something that awesome.  I'll most likely save this one for last...  or next year (which means 2015).
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There are several others but my head is spinning right now from thinking about all the focus and details and time that will be required for this whole learning process and I can't think of what they are.  I'm sure I'll come back to them later, maybe after a glass of wine... or two. 

Follow the link below if you're interested in discovering your personality type.  It's amazingly accurate and really helped me to understand myself a little better. 

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