Saturday, January 8, 2011

Knitting is my life!!!

Not really...  not even close.  But since this is a knitting blog I figured my first title should make a statement that would grab the reader's attention and make them want to read on to see just who this Knitting Knut is!

I'm a 52 year old woman who works in corporate America and desperately needs a creative outlet in my life.  I've gone through various phases... macrame & crocheting in the 70s, plastercraft & counted cross stitch in the 80s, gardening in the 90s and in the last decade I've dabbled in photography, and scrapbooking.  But I don't think that I've ever had the passion for any of the others that I do for yarn & knitting.  It really has become an obsession for me. I knit everywhere I go and there's always a small project in my purse.

I've been knitting for about 5 years and started as most of us do (except my friend Pam) making scarves.  I made HUNDREDS of scarves out of all kinds of fuzzy & fluffy yarns.  They were fun to make and fun to give as gifts (hopefully they were fun to receive too!) but it got old after awhile and I came to the point where I felt like I had mastered the basic and it was time to move on.  So I took a sock class and it was all over...  I was hooked!

In the last year I've not only made socks, but I've also learned how to felt and made several awesome bags.  I also made my first sweater (more like a coat though) and it turned out amazingly well even if I do say so myself!

I'm so energized by these successes that I thought it might be fun to blog about knitting.  Since I'm still somewhat of a novice and learning new things every day I can to keep track of my successes as a reminder of the progress I'm making, and screw-ups to remind me what not to do again.

So here it is...  my first blog ever!

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